My exploration into the realm of wildlife and nature painting stems from a deep appreciation for both the natural world and the arts. My passion and drive has only intensified through the years, resulting in a commitment to capture the wildernesses on paper and canvas. With every new artwork and project, I aspire to create work that emphasizes the importance of our rich biodiversity, and evokes pride and respect in our natural heritage.  

 With this outlook in mind, I collaborate with wildlife organizations to build awareness through outreach materials and citizen-science projects. I have been fortunate enough to have several commissioned projects to my name and have illustrated for various notable publications. 

One of my most ambitious published projects to date has been an internationally collaborated coffee-table book on ‘Hummingbirds of the World’, in association with Gorgas Science Foundation, Texas, and Felis creations, Bangalore. In 2017, I was entrusted with a project to mobilise a team of artists and to curate and design a unique grassroots-centric Nature Information Center, ‘Holematthi’, in the Male Mahadeshwara Hills, in collaboration with Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF). I have also illustrated children’s books, ‘ Wildlife in a City Pond’ and ‘Every Tree Counts’, among others.

Travels to diverse landscapes have given me the best opportunities to observe animals within their habitat and helped me gain a better understanding of our wilderness. Maintaining a meticulous nature journal is at the core of my process which has made me a lot more observant and further inspired me to capture the essence, beauty and diversity of nature. Combined with a strong urge to share my passion for creating art from natural history, I co-founded ‘Green Scraps’, a series of nature art workshops, with a hope to inspire a new generation of nature artists.

As an artist as well as a naturalist, I truly believe that providing a glimpse into the hidden wonders of the natural world carries with it an immense responsibility. I believe that if through my art, I can create a spark of wonder, curiosity, admiration and help develop a sense of respect for the two worlds, the illustrated and the natural, then it all seems worthwhile.