“Growl”,the T-shirt

The finest of my T-shirt paintings till date ! I sure did have a lot of enthusiasm to do it.
Makes a more special T-shirt for this was my very first air-brushed work !
With a thousand questions in my mind, if i should air-brush it or stick to my usual paint brush…. i decided to go with the air-brush after a lot of talking and convincing my own mind. It was supposed to be a birthday gift so i absolutely didn’t want to spoil it no matter what. So, however, i thought i will start with the air-brush and just in case i spoil it, i will switch over to my more comfortable paintbrush ! But well, by the end of it, i have been more happier than ever.
I first worked on the front image of the tiger in the bottom corner of the T-shirt , later did the profile face of the growler !
I use an Iwata HP C+ Airbrush and an Iwata Sprint Jet Air-compressor. Now… (For the ones who are curious to know more…) What is an Airbrush ??!
Its like a miniature Spray gun. Its a small pen-like tool which sprays a fine mist of paint with a constant air pressure from the compressor. As i use the double action airbrush technique, it gives more control over the air pressure and paint flow. It did take quite a bit of practice and sheets of newsprints doodled with short and long lines going in all directions, thin and thick; circles and curves, to get a better control of the new tool. It will only get better and better with more practice am sure. Have been enjoying this tool the best oflate. The main drawback is that its a bit expensive and has to be totally cared for. After every use it needs to be cleaned throughly, if not, its absolutely not worth investing in. Just as i thought i was getting a better hang of the airbrush, a tiny part as small as 3 mm, has got damaged ๐Ÿ™ . I believe its one of the parts that gets worn out every now and then. Its been 2 months now and am still waiting for the spare part. Need to get in touch with someone who is coming to India asap and its only available in the US of A.
Hoping to get a better hand on this instrument very soon ! I so need that spare part, right now!!

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  1. Anonymous

    wow! ๐Ÿ™‚



    hey prabu.. that was super quick. I just posted it! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Itching to do more!

  3. Madhu

    Hey merops,

    Nice painting. The first one with the tiger in the right hand bottom corner has a 3-D effect, with the shadow. Very nice work.

    Was wondering what an airbrush is. Good you have given enough information to educate me ;o)


  4. Anonymous

    Quite impressive!!

  5. Hi Sangeetha,Nice works there.ur T shirt paitings are too good.do u sell them anywhere by any chance?also im an amateur artist myself and since im a full time phd student at iisc i hardly get time to practise.where do u get ur art supplies from? like frisket papers, conte etc.ive had little luck at avenue road bhaskar art:(.hence the query.once again cheers and keep up the good work. TNBalaji

  6. Anuradha Raju

    Hi Sangeetha,

    I have done a bit of watercolors in college. The college had a bulky compressor based spray gun. I have shifted to bangalore and for my home I am looking for a mini portable gravity fed spray gun. Can you please help me find it?



    hello… am sorry for such a delayed response…
    @ Balaji: i don't sell these T-shirts. Just do it for some close friends (provided i make time for it). Good to know you are interested in Art too. I get my supplies from Bhasker's too. but many other supplies i get it from the US. Imported products are little expensive here, so its better to get it from there. Checkout: http://www.dickblick.com I order most of my stuff here. You get reasonable discounts!


    hello Anuradha..
    My apologies for such a delayed response. Are you still looking out for a spraygun / Airbrush ??
    If yes, getting it from the US is the best. If you know poeple, they can help deliver it. am not sure where you get it in Bangalore, however do try at Bhaskar arts on Avenue raod. Call and check. If you need more information, i will be glad to help. You can mail me – sangeetha.kadur@gmail.com

  9. bythewindowsill

    the first one looks very brilliant. its 3d to me. cheers!!

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