Wildlife Art exhibit

Wildlife Art exhibit

On 27th January 2012, hanging on the walls of a gallery for the very first time, were a small collection of my wildlife art works. This exhibition featured a selection of illustrations from the Hummingbird project that I have been involved with since 2007  and a few other wildlife art works done over the years. Also on display were 2 of my field sketch books that I carry on all my travels, recording everything that inspires me and urges me to draw.


With just 2 weeks to prepare for the show, there was much to do! All works to be framed, invites to create and send out, write-ups to prepare, captions to go with each work, hand-outs to design and much more! I am genuinely grateful for the many helping hands without which these two-weeks would have been like a nightmare!  

I would like to extend a sincere note of thanks to Suresh Jayaram sir, for looking into my works and readily providing me with the gallery space at 1.Shanti road, to display my wildlife works. Also, a big thank you to my brother, Sandesh Kadur for just being there, constantly keeping a check on things and seeing to that everything is up-to the mark. Vinod Sebastian, truly my savior in disguise, who took over all my load from the designing and my snail-paced computer skills, while I ran around getting all the printing work done. It was Nirmala Govindarajan, who was quite persistant I have a show ever since the beginning of 2011. I honestly appreciate her never-failing enthusiasm in pushing me towards the big day. In many possible words, I would like to thank MB Krishna, Ullas PA, Dr.Subramanya and L.Shyamal, for introducing me with such passion, to this beautiful world of Natural History Art.


It was overwhelming to see how the news about the exhibit spread out to reach the masses. The wine sponsored by Grover wines india, added a touch of glamour to the opening day of the show. My thanks to them too! I am grateful to my parents, family & friends, to all those people who made it for my show and the one’s who cheered me with the best of wishes! 
Thank you! 

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