Leopards on the prowl

Did these sketches a few months back. Have used the -stippling method- for two of them… its mainly by doing the whole illustration by using fine dots to show the various tones and depth.
I havn’t got to see too many leopards in the wild. I got lucky to see my first leopard 3 years back in September 2005 … two in one day @ Bandipur NP. Will remain as the most unforgetful interesting day for me. Had also got to see my first sloth bear on the same day too! There was no limits to my joy that day! đŸ™‚
Amongst the many leopard sketches i did… i guess i can pick out just these three that can be kinda -showable- to people. The one below, i used indian ink. However, i did prefer the stipplings better.After doing these leopard sketches, i have realised how difficult it is to sketch the cat family. Especially, all those spots on the leopard !! *sigh* !!

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  1. AB Apana

    Very natural, and like all your work, captures the spirit of the animal perfectly.



    Thank you Apana !
    Am glad you enjoy them !

  3. Anonymous

    Impressive works Suvakka!!:)



    Thanks Manju… and edited the correction too. Glad you pointed it out. I had always called it Stripling and no one had corrected it till date. I think some others i know, call it the same still… well, that was RIFA for us !

  5. Veda Murthy

    stippling according to me needs a lot of patience…..Your work shows the amount of time , patience and perseverance u have put in this work….its simply brilliant!


    Madhu, Sujit and Veda… Thank you very much !! I hope to keep bringing in more such amazing works! It feels wonderful to hear from you all!

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